Bison Horn Maria


Bison Head Maria

This is a brass sculpture made using Dhokra technique. It depicts Muria sub-group of Gond tribe from Bastar region in Central India. Bison Head Maria profile

For some of their rituals, like collective hunting, Marias wear bison-horn headdresses topped with peacock feathers and stringed cowrie shell frills.  The headdresses also featured in Gaur, meaning ferocious, dance of Maria symbolising hunting and the spirits of Maria.

This is almost certainly made for trade as so far I have not come across any ritual use of this brass head. It is included here to showcase an art form rather than capture the cultural use.

Notice the details of strings, cowrie shells, choker type necklaces, earrings, decoration around the eyebrows and solid horns.

A particularly noteworthy feature is the smooth transition of face to ears. See the side view. It is hollow and cast as a one-off piece, it is a superb piece of art.

A Dhokra artist, Sushil Sakuja ( pointed out the Dhokra technique uses the lost-wax method to produce brassware. Then the bronze finish is given as bronze is not suitable for Dhokra sculptures. For more details on Dhokra technique please visit


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