Bhairavi Standing

This is Bhairavi. She is identified by the attributes she is holding sword, drum, Trishul and Kapala. Clockwise starting from the lower right hand.

Despite the pitted surface, the elegance of this transitional folk pice shows through. Her ornamentation is complete. features worth noting are the side tassels of her lower garment and the folds on the front.

One of the interesting aspects can be seen at the back. It is damaged and thru the holes you can see the core is filled with some kind of clay. It is a thin cast build around the clay core. This is a first of such example for me. But then have not seen damaged pieces to see how they are constructed.

Here Bairavai is standing in Samapada, without any bend, and it is to be expected given that she is carrying weapons. As usual despite the weapons her benevolent and protective nature is evident.

Sometimes when the idol in worship is damaged, they are thrown into water or buried. The surface condition may be a result of that.

This idol is about 23 cm in height and it is from North Karnataka. This may date to the eighteenth century.


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