Shiva (Peshwa Period)

Sihva Peshwa period front

This is Shiva identified by Ganga on his turban and the religious mark (three horizontal lines – See the profile view) on his forehead.

According to the vendor, this dates to the Peshwa period, that is 17th to 19th century. Shiva Peshwa period profile

The attributes in the upper hands are missing.

Among the things to note are the impressive turban (headgear), yellow and red pigments on the lower garment, the styling of the lower garment, bare upper torso, natural portrayal of the body and the piercing eyes.

It is the eyes and the raw power he exudes that made me buy this piece.

The material is lead and as expected it is heavy.

It is about 18 cm in height. It is from Maharashtra or bordering area in Western India.

So far I have not come across anything similar to this sculpture and the research will continue.

Shiva Peshwa period back


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