Bull with a devotee

This bull, with a devotee, is a disproportionally long one. Though the snout resembles that of a boar, it is the horns that identify the bull.

The bull is decorated suggesting that by itself it is an object of veneration. There is a devotee standing under it with his hands in Anjali Mudra. It is quite likely this is a part of a larger group. Both the bull and the devotee are looking ahead at the subject of their veneration.

The metalsmith has used the ‘photographer’s trick’, to show the size of the bull. For sure it dwarfs the devotee.

I did some serious cleaning (warm water, mild detergent and toothbrush), in an attempt to remove the dirt. This is what it looks like after three rounds of cleaning. The stubborn dirt suggests it may have been buried for some time.

It is about 14 cm long. It probably is 150+ years old. I have no idea as to which part of India it is from.

This bronze joins the group of bronzes that are under research. Any information/suggestions on this is welcome.


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