Lady with a musical instrument


Lady with musical instrument

This is possibly Meera Bai, an ardent devotee of Krishna. The stringed musical instrument, lute, is the only link.

Here the saint is standing in Sampada, erect without any bend, holding a stringed musical instrument. The posture could be interpreted as standing in reverence. Appears to strum with her left hand. Lady with musical instrument back

This piece is meant to be decorated, as noted by the holes in earlobes. She is wearing bangles, arm bracelets and two chains. She is wearing a full-length garment. The absence of frills in the garment and crown suggests this is an image of a worshipper, rather than a deity.

The material is copper rich. The features are worn out, suggesting age. As copper does not wear easily, this is probably 200+ years old. That would date it to the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century.

This appears to cast as a single piece. I do not have any suggestions as to which part of this bronze is from. The bronze is about 9 cm in height.



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