Nepal altar mirror

Altar Mirror Nepal

One of the simplest bronzes in my collection. A circular metal surface supported by a multi-leveled patterned cylindrical base.

This is altar mirror from Nepal. This is referred to as Jwalanhayakan (Divine Mirror).

The passage below is reproduced from Artistic Heritage of Nepal, by Yadi Ratna Bajracharya. ” Jwalanhayakan stands as a symbol of self-countenance and a formal part of the mirror. On the other hand, Sinhamu is considered as a powder container. They (Jwalanhaykan and Sinhamu) are established as a pair of identical implements during guhya-pujas (secret pujas) and other karmankanda rites performed according to Vajrayana rituals”.

The Sinhamu referred here, will be documented on this site very soon (Altar container -Nepal).

This mirror is about 20.5 cm in height.

Please refer to the blog on Melong for the Tibetan equivalent of this ritual mirror.




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