Mahishasuramardhini – HP

Mardhini HPThis is Durga in the form of Mahishasuramardhini, the avenger of the demon Mahisha. The demon takes the form of a water-buffalo and terrorises human. Durga with the combined power of Gods conquers him. For more details refer to another blog on Mahishasura Mardhini on this site.Mardhini HP back

Here you see the Goddess plunging the Trishul into the buffalo’s neck and pulling the demon out. Given the inevitability of the outcome, the demon is worshipping the goddess, evidenced by the Anjali or Namaskara mudra. Mardhini’s vahana, a lion, is seen attacking the buffalo’s rear. Mardhini is holding a sword and a shield in her upper hands.

This bronze is from Himachal Pradesh. The shape of the prabhavali with its side protrusions, the circular halo at the apex of the prabhavali, the way the deity is attached to the prabhavali, hollowed out main figure and the attempt to save bronze by taking in the base (back view) point to Himachal Pradesh origin.

Cross stripes in Mardhini’s lower garment, necklace reaching to navel, circular disc as the shield, three-peaked crown suggest this bronze may date to the eighteenth century.

This bronze is about 8 cm in height.



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