Gajalakshmi Lamp


Kamakshi lamp


This is probably the most common household lamp for worship in South India and it is known as Gajalakshmi lamp due to the backdrop. Gajalakshmi refers to Lakshmi’s form where she is flanked by elephants. For more information on Gajalakshmi, refer to several other blogs on this site.

This is an oil and wick-based lamp with good sized oil receptacle.Kamakshi lamp back

Gajalakshmi in the backplate is framed by prabhavali which is topped by Kiritimukha. Just the way South Indian deities are framed. This lamp is an object of worship, in addition to being used in worship.

Notice the two attendants at the base of prabhavali each holding a lamp themselves. The base with multiple layers is decorated with beads all around.

One of the interesting things about this lamp is the Gajalakshmi figure at the back as well. At the back, there are two more attendants. Unusual detail adding to the aesthetic quality.

Such lamps are lit twice a day. Once in the morning as part of ritual worship and once at dusk to invite Lakshmi to home. This lamp has been used and it was in use in my house for a short while.

Kamakshi Lamp side



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