Rama Sita (Andhra)

Rama Sita (Andhra)

This bronze is Rama with his consort Sita. His right hand is abhaya mudra (protection).

Rama’s forehead shows vertical religious mark, specific to Vaishnavites. As Rama is an incarnation of Vishnu, his wearing Vvaishnavite symbol on his forehead is to be expected. In this incarnation, Rama was born as a human being without the awareness of his divine origin. Hence the absence of additional arms and the attributes that characterise Vishnu. Sirachakra, see the image of the back, is possibly the only indication of divine nature.Rama Sita (Andhra) back

Rama is seated in lalitasana and Sita is sitting with both her legs pendant. The ornamentation, as usual, is profuse. and fit enough for a king.

The tall crown and facial features, especially Sita, are typical of bronzes from Telugu speaking region. Compared neighboring regions, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, bronzes from Andhra/Telugu speaking region are rarer.

Patina is deep. There are signs of worship but the wear is not significant.

Shape of Rama’s lower back is quite unusual.

This bronze is about 9.5 cm in height and it may be 19th century or later.



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