MukhalingaThis is a Mukhalinga, translates to Linga (an aniconic form of Siva) with a face.

A robust Mukhalinga, turbaned, moustachioed and with solid ornaments. Note the earrings, shaped like Cobra (Sarpakundala) and the necklace.

It is generally accepted that Mukhalinga is used to cover aniconic Linga. But this may have been worshipped on its own, as the Mukhalinga is about 9.5 cm in diameter.Mukhalinga Profile

One of the unusual features is the image of a Linga, at the front and just below the necklace. Surprisingly the side protrusion of the Linga points to the right and normally it points to the left.

The third eye is worn but is still noticeable between the eyebrows.

The tuft of hair on the right forehead and tassels at the end of the necklace are nice touches.

The turban’s Maratha style, longitudinal band and held together by a headband, suggests this may date to the eighteenth century.

This bronze is about 11.5 cm in height and for a hollow structure, it is quite heavy.


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