Navneetha Krishna (under Naga hood)

Navneetha Krishna

Bronzes of Krishna are always delightful. This idol is no exception. Here we see Krishna holding butter balls in his hands, standing on the coiled body of a cobra.

Navneetha Krishna back

The five-heads of the cobra, called Ananta, is providing a protective cover over his head. Krishna is possibly the only god identified by the butter balls rather than by the Auyudhas (weapons).

Navneetha Krishna with a butter ball in his right hand is more common. Idols with butter balls in both the hands are rarer. This site has another example, bit larger, of such Navneetha Krishna.

Krishna’s belly is quite prominent and it is almost adult-like. It is not unusual though for Krishna to be depicted with an adult face and toned body, rather than with features of a toddler or a young boy.

This idol is likely to have come from Tamil Nadu (copper-rich alloy, the incised patterns on the base and casting quality)and it is about 7 cm in height. It is a much loved and worshipped idol. This may date to the eighteenth century.


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