Vedanta Desika

Vedanta Desika

This is Vedanta Desika, a Vaishnavite guru from South India. He is a historical figure and lived in the 13th/14th century. He is a poet, philosopher and master teacher. Vedanta Desika upheld the concepts preached of Ramanuja.

Here in this bronze, he has Vaishnavite markings on his Vedanta Desika backforehead and chest. His right hand is showing a combination of Abhaya and chin mudra. He is holding palm leaf manuscript in his left hand.

So far I have not come across any literature that details of Vaishnavite saints iconography. Here the identification is based on the cover page of the book on Sri Vedanta Desika by M Narasimhachary.

This bronze is about 6.5 cm in height. The quality of detail is remarkable for a bronze of this size.

There are some signs of handling or ritual wear and patina is deep. This bronze may date to the nineteenth century.


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