Lakshmi (Standing)



This is Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth, prosperity, power and abundance. Lakshmi is identified by the two lotus buds on her rear hands. Lakshmi’s right front hand is in Abhaya mudra (Protection).Lakshmi standing back

It is quite likely this bronze was worshipped on its own, without her male consort.  Normally, the goddesses have only two arms when they accompany their male consorts and when they are on their own they may have four arms. As someone said, India is such a vast country whenever you come up with rules you will find exceptions.

The ornamentation is profuse and appears to be complete. The patterns on the crown, fanning out of the bottom portion of the lower garment’s central fold, lines on the front right-hand palm and the long braided hair arrangements are features to cherish.

Lakshmi is widely worshipped throughout India.  Lakshmi’s presence is recognized in Tulsi plant (Sacred Basil), Lotus, House threshold and money.

This is made of brass. The face is masculine. This transitional folk piece could be from North Karnataka. This may date to the nineteenth century. It is unusual to see a four-armed Lakshmi of this vintage.

The vigraha is about 18.5 cm in height, without the base.




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