Veerabhadra (Kevala)


This is Veerabhadhra and he is identified by the attributes. He is holding a sword, an arrow, a bow and a shield.  Clockwise starting from his lower right hand. Veerabhadra is a form of Siva and that association is highlighted by the prominent third eye on his forehead.

With a tall crown, earrings, a choker, a short necklace, a long necklace, armlets, a waistband and anklets, his ornamentation is complete.

The moustache highlights the folk aspects of this bronze. Highlighting of his nipples, belly button and knees, disproportionately small size of his attributes and bulging eyes are worth noting.

His broad shoulders, coupled with a narrow waist, and dagger on the left side of his waist highlight the warrior aspects of Veerabhadra.

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It is hollow cast and given its height, 29 cm, it is very likely this was a processional bronze. This bronze is from North Deccan and may date to the nineteenth century.


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