This is Padmavati, an attendant Yakshi from the Jain faith. Padmavati is identified by the Jina protected by snake hood above them.  The snake hood identifies the Jina to Padmavati LeftParsvanath. Padmavati is Parsvanath’s Sasanadevata, attendant Yakshi protecting his Samgha.

In this example, Padmavati has six arms.  The attributes are fruit, noose, goad, chakra and trident. Starting from the lower right hand. Her lowermost left hand is holding some kind of stick/string to guide her vahana.  So far I have not seen/come across another similar example. But all the attributes are listed in Umakant P Shah classic, Jaina-Rupe-Mandana.

Padmavati RightHere Padmavati is sitting in padmasana on a lotus which in turn is supported by the swan. The remarkable feature of this bronze is the detailing. Note the detailing of swan’s feather, Padmavati’s hair, her bangles…

The circular base with beaded rim may suggest this bronze is from Orissa. But it is most likely to be from North Deccan, an area that includes South Maharashtra and North Karnataka.

This bronze is about 12 cm in height and it may not be earlier than the eighteenth century.

For an example of Padmavati with four arms please check another blog on Padmavati.


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