Hanuman and Garuda

This pair, Hanuman and Garuda, would have been a part of a Vishnu, Sri Devi and Bhu Devi set. Both Hanuman and Garuda’s hands are in Anjali mudra.

Garuda is Vishnu’s vahana and this site has several examples of Garudasana, where Vishnu is being carried by Garuda.

Normally Hanuman is not associated with Vishnu but with one of his Avatar, Rama. One of the Vaishnava sects, the Madhwas, include Hanuman in the Vishnu group. My home altar which has been with us for 5+ generations, has Vishnu, Sri Devi, Bhu Devi, Hanuman and Garuda.

Their height, wear, patterns on the lower garment and the design of the lotus pedestal suggest these two Vigrahas were part of the same set. That is why they found their place in my collection.

The Vigrahas are designed to slide into slots on a pedestal. Such designs are common in Karnataka. That design, along with the Ganga Jamuna feature puts the geographic attribution to North Karnataka. Most of the Ganga Jamuna Vigrahas is dated to the eighteenth-nineteenth century. The larger of the two, Garuda, is about 9 cm in height.


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