Veda Vyasa


Ved VyasVeda Vyasa is one of the eminent of the ancient sages, Maharishi. He was responsible for the classification of Vedas (Hindu scriptures) into four groups, hence Veda Vyasa. He is also the author of Mahabharata, a great Hindu epic and compiler of Hindu Puranas.Ved Vyas back

In this bronze, he is shown seated on a turtle in yogasana wearing Yogapatta. Similar position to that  of Yoga Narasimha. A kamandala, water carrier, is next to him and scriptural text, in the form of palm leaves, is resting on Yogapatta.

His right hand is in instructional pose (Vyakhyana mudra) and the left hand is in Abhaya mudra.

Some consider Veda Vyasa to be an incarnation/avatar of Vishnu. He is worshiped s an independent deity. Veda Vyasa is one of the three presiding deities of knowledge and learning. The other two are Hayagriva and Saraswati.

This icon is about 8 cm in height and is possibly from Karnataka.



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