Gauri with Linga

Gauri with Linga

This is Gauri (The Golden One), a form of Parvati and Siva’s consort. Normally when Parvati is shown her own, she is shown with four arms. Here she has only two hands and is holding Akshamala and Linga in her hands. A human-like appearance. The mythology is Gauri had dark skin and worshipped Shiva to get fair skin. This bronze captures that moment.

She is sitting in Ardha Padmasana on a circular base, which in turn is supported by a multi-level base. See the back view for the plaited hair. Gauri with Linga back

The literature on this form of Gauri is scarce and so far I have seen only one reference to this form of  Gauri. Page 119, Hindu Goddesses by David Kinsley quotes Vamana-Purana. But have seen and have more bronzes of this form.

The bronze lacks sharp features. But it is a solid and robust bronze.

The prabhavali design and loops at the back suggest this bronze is from North Deccan, probably Maharashtra.

The bronze is about 17.5 cm in height. There is significant wear to this bronze, especially where the Prabhavali is supported. This bronze may date to the nineteenth century or a bit earlier.




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