Simha Vahini

This folk deity is identified as Simhavahini, rider of a lion. It is most likely a representation of Durga, Mother Goddess. Based on her aSimha vahini sidettributes Trishul, Sword, a long club(?) and bowl one can relate her to Saivite tradition.

The Trishul, on her front right hand, is resting on something, maybe a buffalo. In which case she would be identified as  Mahishasuramardhini.

Her decoration is basic a  crown, a single chain, bangles and anklets.

Note the simple prabhavali, topped by umbrella/Kalasa, and pedestal lacking decorations. These features along with the stepped crown suggest this bronze is from Central India.

Worth noting is the raised tail of the lion, suggesting aggression.

The bronze is about 10 cm in height and it is a folk bronze from Central India. This may not date earlier than the nineteenth century.


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