Buddha Seated


Buddha Thailand

From time to time, there will be exceptions. Here is one. The above item, Buddha, is from Thailand and not India. But Buddhism is.

Buddha is seated with his right hand reaching and touching toward the ground with the palm facing inward.  This gesture represents Buddha’s seeking earth as the witness of his enlightenment and is called Bhumisparsha (touching the earth) mudra. Probably the most common motif of Buddha.

The right hand is complemented by the left hand-which is held flat in the lap in the dhyana (meditation) mudra.

As per the provenance letter this is ‘ Sitting Buddha, Sukhothai style , Ratanakosindra period, 18-19th century, about 150 years old”. The letter is dated Feb 1965.

The Buddha bronze is about 18.5 cm in height.

Buddha Thailand back





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