Radha Krishna (Western India)

Radha Krishna

This Krishna and Radha Vigrahas, Radhakrishna as the couple is called, are from the Western India region, possibly from Gujarat.

Association of Radha with Krishna dates back to the medieval period. It started possibly in Bengal/Orissa region and the concept spread to North India and Western India through different sects. This is an example of its spread to Western India. Over a period of time, especially in Bengal, Radha has been portrayed as a lover, a proxy for the devotees, the Sakti of Krishna and his consort.

Radha Krishna back

Some of the features to note are the the general stiffness of the posture, perforated base, provision for decoration holes for earrings and Radha’s nose-ring, Radha’s hair arrangement. See the plaits and they makes up for the lack of movement. The contrast in the postures, Krishna showing some movement with left leg crossing over to the right slightly bent, and Radha erect in Samapadha is unusual.

Krishna and Radha are  20.5 cm and 19 cm tall, respectively.  The material is brass, highly polished in this case. This pair, from Gujarat, probably dates to the nineteenth century.

This site has two more examples of Radha Krishna from Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.


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