Vishnu (Gujarat)


Vishnu triad GujaratThis is Vishnu holding a lotus, mace, discuss and conch shell in his hands (starting from lower right clockwise). He is standing in Samapada, without any bend. This pose is more or less the default for standing Vishnu.Vishnu triad Gujarat side

He is sporting Srivasta, the sign of Lakshmi, on his chest. It is in the middles of his chest, like the way you see in Jaina sculptures. In the Vishnu bronzes from South India, Srivasta mark is normally on the right of the chest. Vanamala, knee-length flower garland, is typical of Vishnu sculptures from North India.

Here instead of his consorts, Vishnu is accompanied by four diminutive figures and their hands are in Anjali mudra. It is quite likely these figures represent the four Vedas.

On the front of the pedestal, it is Vishnu’s vahana Garuda, winged but with human features. He is also in Anjali mudra.

Vishnu is standing on a circular pedestal, slightly elevated compared to the four figures, reinforcing his superior position.

The base platform, the prabhavali with Kalasa on top, the triangular chest of Vishnu, Garuda’s features and the bracing of the deity to the prabhavali suggest this bronze is from Western India, most likely from Gujarat.

There is significant ritual wear to Vishnu’s and Garuda’s face. This may date to the eighteenth century.

The bronze is about 14 cm in height.


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