Garudasana (LakshmiNarayana on Garuda)

This is Vishnu and his consort, Lakshmi, seated on Garuda. Vishnu is identified by the attributes in his upper right-hand Chakra (discus) , Shankha (conch shell) in his upper left hand, Padma (lotus) in his left lower hand and his Vahana, Garuda. Garuda is identified by the wings. Please see the back view. Vishnu’s lower right arm, now broken, would have been in Abhaya (protection) mudra and his lower left hand is holding Lakshmi and a lotus. Identification of Lakshmi is by her association with Vishnu.

Garuda is sitting in Ardhapadmasana with his hands outstretched. The spread wings of Garuda are usually meant to show him in flight, carrying Vishnu. But in this case, Vishnu is sitting on Garuda’s spread wing, see the back view. Garuda’s hands are supporting Vishnu’s feet.

One of the interesting features is Garuda is looking at his master, head turned to the right side to look up. The back is asymmetric and reflects Garuda’s head movement.

Vishnu seated on Garuda is a Pan-Indian subject. In South India, the Vigraha is referred to as Srikara Murti and in North India, this Vigraha is referred to as Garudasana.

This bronze is about 10 cm in height and may date prior to the sixteenth century. One of my dealer friends had a similar Vigraha and he had attributed it to the Pallava-Chola transition period. This Vigraha is from Tamil Nadu.

Note: The photos below are the before and after pictures of cleaning. As you can see cleaning helps us to read the Vigraha better. This is the result of cleaning using my ‘new toy’. I am still experimenting with the toy. More information on this method will be shared at a later date.

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