Garuda stand

This is Garuda, Vishnu’s vahana, in Anjali mudra. He is holding a cobra in his hands. See the side views to get a better view of the Cobra.

Wings spread out and leaning forward it looks as though he is offering himself to God. He is wearing a crown, topped by a four-tiered Kalasa. An unusual feature. Normally Garuda is shown with human features but for the beak and the wings. Here he is depicted as a bird but for his hands. Note the absence of mouth and undefined feet.

The incised patterns, Naga-Kundala, multi-tiered crown, a snake wrapped around his right arm and armbands with lotus-like protrusion are features worth noting.

The top portion, now missing, is likely to have been a plate-like structure to hold Saligram or a container for an oil and wick lamp.

This blog site has a similar stand featuring a Nandi.

The bronze is about 17 cm in height. My guess is this is from Bengal.


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