Garudasana or Srikara murti

This is Vishnu and his consort, Lakshmi, seated on Garuda. Vishnu is identified by the attributes in his upper right hand Chakra (discuss) and his vahana, Garuda. The upper left arm of Vishnu would have held Shankha and it is now broken. Garuda is identified by the wings. Please see the back view. Vishnu’s lower right arm is in Abhaya (protection) mudra and his lower left hand is holding Lakshmi. Identification of Lakshmi is based on her association with Vishnu.

Garuda is supported by an inverted lotus base, which in turn is on a rectangular base. The spread wings of Garuda is meant to show him in flight, carrying Vishnu. Garuda’s hands are supporting Vishnu’s feet. See the closeup for the way Garuda’s hands ‘cup’ Vishnu’s feet. The kneeling position of Garuda makes it appear as if he about to take-off. The downcast eyes suggest the effort he is putting in taking-off.

Among the interesting features are Garuda wearing a necklace, similar to the one Vishnu is wearing.

Vishnu seated on Garuda is a Pan-India subject matter. In South India, the vigraha is referred to as Srikara Murti and in the North India this vigraha is referred to as Garudasana.

This bronze is about 10 cm in height and may date to the eighteenth century. This is, most likely, from North Karnataka.


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