Kaliya Mardaka

A multi-tasking Krishna (a combined form of Navneetha Krishna and Conquering Kaliya) or the sculptors and/or devotees imagination running ahead. Naveneetha Krishna is dancing Krishna with a butter ball in his hand. The story about Krishna conquering Kaliya is described elsewhere on this blog site.

Krishna is identified by his pinched hair-do, butter ball in his right hand, the right leg stomping Kaliya to submission and his nakedness.

This blog site has multiple examples of Navneetha Krishna and Kaliya Mardaka. It is unusual to find a Vigraha which combines two Leelas but then it is Krishna.

The fact it is a Ganga Jamuna vigraha, the quality of work (see the beads/bells on his waist belt) and the iconography ‘earned’ its place in my collection.

The Vigraha is about 10 cm in height and it is from North Karnataka. Most of the Ganga Jamuna are dated to the nineteenth century. Though the wear is not significant, I will go with nineteenth-century dating.


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