Crawling Krishna (Odisha)


2 thoughts on “Crawling Krishna (Odisha)”

  1. Hi Sridha

    I have two or three examples of an object in the lower hand and my theory has long been that it is a baby’s or child’s rattle, but I could be wrong.

    Also I have four dancing Krishnas in the Odisha style, they are far less common than the South Indian type. Two are in the “classical” regional style, like your one (10-11cm). They are usually dated to 15th -17th century. Another is a miniature (6cm), a bit simplified but clearly of the same basic type amd could be of a similar age. The fourth looks somewhat later (18th or early 19th century?). Its round base with a beaded edge is clearly in the regional style but it is much plainer – the lotus petals simply engraved rather than modelled. The pose is also typical of the region but the figure is slimmer and the left leg is straight. It is not as fine as the “classical” type but in some ways more interesting.

    Best Wishes



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